Dr. Rati Chest Clinic's Information

Dr.Rati Chest Clinic's History

Welcome to Dr.Rati Chest Clinic@Phuket, A special chest clinic that everyone can access.

Dr.Rati Chest Clinic@Phuket is the FIRST special chest clinic in Phuket, Thailand. The clinic was founded by “Dr.Rati Bunruang,MD (Pulmonologist)”. The clinic held its grand opening on September 15th,2013.

Dr.Rati Chest Clinic@Phuket has great intentions provide medical services as holistic approach under medical standard cares that include prevention (vaccines center, obesity clinic, home sleep lab testing, smoking cessation unit), proper treatment (medications and medical equipments/tools), rehabilitation (cgest physical therapy). All services are based on “Caring is like family”

Over the last 10 years, Dr.Rati Chest Clinic@Phuket has provided care as mentioned above. The proment points of Dr.Rati Chest Clinic@Phuket are accessibility and friendly, easy to understand guide, allow time for discussion/not rushing and follow up after visited.

All services of Dr.Rati Chest Clinic@Phuket will reflect good results, so that means maximum benefit of all service recipients.